• [Silence Quiet Micromotor]: We found there are lots of loud noise issues with other mouse shakers. So after months of dedicated research and thousands of tests, designed an exclusive super-quiet micromotor. When the mouse jiggler is working, it makes a barely inaudible sound, only a soft sound below 20dB to shake you off the annoying noise
  • [Undetectable Mouse Shaker Operation]: Method 1(recommend), no need to plug in your computer, no worry about the IT checker, just plug this mouse shaker into a wall outlet(the power adapter is not included). Method 2, connect the USB port on your computer with a USB-C cable,both won't be detected by the IT department at all, and the mechanical mouse shaker works like a charm to keep your screen awake
  • [Adjustable Interval Movement Time]: With adjustable interval time, 4 cycle settings of 3s/10s/20s/60s. The wheel will operate intermittently depending on your settings, keep working until it is turned off. That means the cursor moves at different times and paths, rather than a fixed route and time which is closer to real mouse movement. With on/off switches, no need to plug in and out again which can prevent the USB port damage
  • [12 RGB Colors]: The adjustable light is more stylish and fresh, with 12 colors that are perfect for decorating your table, if you want to close the light, hold the light button to switch off the light. It is not only a mouse mover, but also an artwork on your desktop, it helps to adjust your rhythm and make you happy at work, decorate your life meanwhile
  • [Enjoy Your Time]: This jiggler pad helps you keep you active online and prevent your computer from going to sleep, it is suitable for Microsoft Outlook, Teams, Skype, remote work, PowerPoint, downloading and reading, online meetings, or games so you can walk away to do some garden work, enjoy your time like sunbathe in the yard, drink coffee,etc.
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The processing methods are processing with supplied materials, sample processing, OEM processing, and the processing technology is electronic assembly processing, electronic welding processing, digital injection/injection, and plug-in processing.


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